On Publicly Following Your Competitors

BELL: Yes, as someone who tweets publicly I want to know what others are tweeting publicly.

JohnnyCanuck: Then create searches or lists or use Tweetdeck. Public following is as good as an endorsement. You’re doing it wrong.

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When you do things like this, not only do you show the world how incompetent you are at Social Media but also with talking with people in general. As an added bonus you show the world how badly run your marketing department is. The fact that no one in a 50,000 employee company sat down with this person and checked their very very public work is pretty bloody scary…

This is why my TV, Internet and Home Phone are with a cable company, and my 2 iPhones are with your competitor.

Paul Thurrot Still Doesn’t Understand Upgrade Cycles

There’s a long-running joke that Apple’s fans would buy anything the company sold, no matter the quality. But this past weekend, the joke became reality when the Cupertino consumer electronics giant sold 4 million units of a smart phone, the iPhone 4S, which even its most charitable supporters have described as an evolutionary update over its predecessor.

The sad thing about this is that Paul Thurrot still doesn’t get the iPhone 4S is totally revolutionary for anyone using a 3GS or even a 3G. And yes there are still a lot of us out there rocking a phone for more than just one year.

When Paul talk about Windows, he’s a reputable source and a pretty smart guy. When he tries to bash Apple, he just sounds like an ignorant child.

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@Julien on Disobedience and Anarchy

Disobedience, in the beginning, creates independence. But the later acts of disobedience that most of us perform don’t creating anything. They’re small and pathetic. They are useless acts of control performed to create an illusion of agency that no longer exists.

What you need now is a big act of disobedience.

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The problem with disobedience on a large scale is not one anarchy, but actually one of uniqueness. When you were a kid and did bad things you were establishing your own identity and demonstrating uniqueness.  A “Big Act of Disobedience” when you are an adult will only work if you are the only one doing it and you already have a reputation of being a leader or a trendsetter. Anyone else will simply be marginalized and therefore ignored.

The only time “Big Acts of Disobedience” ever work on a large scale is: Revolutions to overthrow governments and the formation of unions in Walmart. The latter usually ends with everyone getting fired or Walmart moving to another town.

I get the idea of what Julien is trying to say, but the reality of “Disobey” is to be branded “Troublemaker“. If you can manage to pull of troublemaker without getting fired, your Disobedience should just be labelled Leadership.

Seth Godin on Paying More for Less

Marketers have figured out that the incremental cost of promising better service to better customers is pretty cheap. Of course, delivering that is expensive, but that’s someone else’s problem.

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Sadly this is becoming the norm, even at the Apple Store, where you Genuis appointment is regularly delay by 10-15 minutes because some wit ProCare just trumped your AppleCare.

Go Habs Go: Geoff Molson Rocks!

Our esteemed club owner decided to take a brave stance and speak out to the fans regarding the controversial hit on our bright young and strong power forward Mac Pacioretty:

You are the best fans in the league, and I am proud to have you behind us. Both the team and Max need your support now more than ever.  A solid playoff run is just around the corner and we are counting on you to carry us deep into the spring!


Geoff Molson
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Team Owner

I don’t think I have ever known a club owner to have his thumb so close to the fan’s pulse in my life. It’s probably because Geoff is as much of a fan as you and I!