Johnny Canuck


I’m a mobility solutions consultant, a techie, a geek and media junkie, a Montrealer and one of 2FatDads.com. I rarely blog over at 2fatdads.com where we used to host a regular DadCast with some other Fat Dads. I’m more often on Instagram and UnTapped than on Twitter these days sharing up my favourite brews and snapping pics being a Cycling, Skiing, Sailing Dad and of course Canada and The Great White North. But I have been recently seen on Mastodon.

So when I’m not swiping away on my iPad  or tapping my iPhone, I’m pretty much riding my bike, sailing a Fireball or A C&C 27 or sliding up and down the powdery slopes  of The Great White North. I’m a little bit of an adventurer and will always prefer to dodge trees screaming down a mountain, paddle through the calmest or whitest of waters, ride some waves and harness the power of the wind. As small as the Internet and Social Medias make this beautiful blue marble look, it’s a really really big place that I hope to see more of as the kids grow up and adopt some of my crazy hobbies.