Paul Thurrot Still Doesn’t Understand Upgrade Cycles

There’s a long-running joke that Apple’s fans would buy anything the company sold, no matter the quality. But this past weekend, the joke became reality when the Cupertino consumer electronics giant sold 4 million units of a smart phone, the iPhone 4S, which even its most charitable supporters have described as an evolutionary update over its predecessor.

The sad thing about this is that Paul Thurrot still doesn’t get the iPhone 4S is totally revolutionary for anyone using a 3GS or even a 3G. And yes there are still a lot of us out there rocking a phone for more than just one year.

When Paul talk about Windows, he’s a reputable source and a pretty smart guy. When he tries to bash Apple, he just sounds like an ignorant child.

via Apple Sells 4 Million iPhone 4S Handsets at Launch Sourced by 512Pixels.