So I run now…

So I run now…
Sure it’s too cold for cycling outdoors and I don’t always have time for the spinner in the garage at night. Skiing will be awesome when there is enough snow and time. But at lunch almost everyday I now run. And to be honest, I’m ok with that. I get to have a hot shower afterwards and the day is broken up so beautifully that I can suddenly handle all those silly afternoon meetings.
So here I am smiling after a bloody cold run: -26C with wind chill. 🙂


Go Habs Go: Geoff Molson Rocks!

Our esteemed club owner decided to take a brave stance and speak out to the fans regarding the controversial hit on our bright young and strong power forward Mac Pacioretty:

You are the best fans in the league, and I am proud to have you behind us. Both the team and Max need your support now more than ever.  A solid playoff run is just around the corner and we are counting on you to carry us deep into the spring!


Geoff Molson
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Team Owner

I don’t think I have ever known a club owner to have his thumb so close to the fan’s pulse in my life. It’s probably because Geoff is as much of a fan as you and I!