I dislike Michael Arrington, so I never read anything on TechCrunch (even when they write about me or my products) and have taken technical measures to ensure that I never even land there accidentally and give them whatever tiny profit that one pageview is worth.

Marco Arment of marco.org, Tumblr and Instapaper.

And I though I was the only one.

Canadians loooove them some hockey!


When Canada won in overtime, it was pure, deafening joy running through that bar. It was made somewhat bittersweet by the fact everyone was very, very far from home. All the Canadian ex-pats and traveling businessmen jumped up and down and hugged each other and, I’m sure, wished they were on home soil to see the celebration.

A Canadian Dad in Paris

Funny enough this is exactly how I felt while living in England during the 1998 Nagano games when we lost teh bronze to Finland and also during the 2002 Salt Lake City games when Gretzky burried the Lucky Loonie under center ice and we beat the crap out the Yanks on their stupid Olympic size rink!