Sean Malto on Riding Pro Again

Overcoming adversity comes in all shapes from all kinds of people, but for some reason we looks towards athletes more than others as examples of persistance, determination and hard work. It’s not always warranted, but there are a few like examples out there that really stand out and really let the human spirit shine.

I really like this video from Sean Malto and the guys at Ghost. If you’ve ever tried to do anything that’s hard, just watch this and you’ll see why as well.

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It’s also shot entirely on an iPhone.

Young the Giant: My Body – Born with Horns flashback

Just a little flashback from this weekend’s Born with Horns concert at the Pionnier in Pointe-Claire last weekend. The set list was pretty Heavy but Gabe, Jocelyn, Don and Marc managed to really pump this one out much to my delight. Good beat, nice riffs and some catchy lyrics to boot. Enjoy! I sure did.

I was also playing around with Periscope on the night and manged to capture three other numbers as well. if you are own Periscope look up @JohnnyCanuck, not you can download the client here for iPhone and here for Android

I accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge #Video

I accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Stephane @Mononque Denault and nominate my fellow Railroaders: Pierre Kelly & Haig Kanar, Team Kat member Greg El Capitaine Desmarais & Alister Polkaroo Moore, And fellow Rotters: Jim Woody Larocque & Mike the Dragon Carlyle.

I am so donating to the ALS foundation and encourage you all to do the same.

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Apple’s Misunderstood Ad: Undeniably Powerful and Clever

This is new ad from Apple for the holidays is so very very powerful. being the Dad of 13 year old who is always on her phone, it made me stop to think about what she might actually be doing with it rather than complain about the amount of time she spends with it in her hands.

Merry Christmas Thing 1, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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