FYI, FTR: DeadPool is not for kids… REALLY!!!

Thinking of taking the kids to see that new Comic Book movie at the cineplex… think long and hard, it’s rated with a hard [R] for a very very good reason. Don’t be that parent that makes the rest of us feel uncomfortable throughout the whole movie. If you want to scar the little bugger, do it at home on Blu ray in 6 months.

Source: Hard R « EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson

23 Toots of Epic Mann

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This PSA was epic! And I’m so glad that someone like Merlin Mann did it so plenty of Tweeps will see it. Of course there is no way to retweet a group of 23 tweets so anyone who isn’t already following Merlin will never see it, but hopefully enough folks like me will post this into an _Actual Blog_ that is will make a difference

If your are not already following Merlin mann you totally should that right now as well as check and Kung Fu Grippe and while I feel quite generous and trying to fill extra space don’t forget to subscribe to You Look Nice Today in iTunes.

Damn I failed to fill the void…

… It has been that kind of week though