FYI, FTR: DeadPool is not for kids… REALLY!!!

Thinking of taking the kids to see that new Comic Book movie at the cineplex… think long and hard, it’s rated with a hard [R] for a very very good reason. Don’t be that parent that makes the rest of us feel uncomfortable throughout the whole movie. If you want to scar the little bugger, do it at home on Blu ray in 6 months.

Source: Hard R « EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson

The Affleck-Damon Batman Angle

NewBatmanSo this is making the rounds on the Interwebs today…

Now after some post Five Guys though with Burgy the only way this could work is if the following cast was also involved:

Matt Damon as Robin as seen above

Movie Written and directed by Kevin Smith3.4.11KevinSmithByLuigiNovi1.png

Alanis Morissette to play Harley Quinn opposite Alan Rickman’s Joker

Jay and Silent Bob as their Henchman

Scott Mosier as Commissioner Gordon

And of course Ryan Reynolds making and cameo as the Green Lantern