Timmy’s Anthem – Instant Classic

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An instant classic

Timmy’s Anthem

Brad Nelson (c) 2010

I have traveled ‘cross this country from the east coast to the west
Through the prairies to the Rockies where the eagle makes its nest
It’s a land of many cultures who have settled far and wide
And now call themselves Canadians and say the word with pride

So I’ve come to the conclusion that we share a common soul
But it’s not our vast geography and not that famous goal
It’s a simple cup of coffee and a pastry with a hole
It’s the power of Tim Hortons that has kept our nation whole


So let’s roll boys roll, stand in line to get your coffee
And let’s roll boys roll, and some Timbits* dipped in toffee (* donuts, crullers, fritters, Timbits)
And let’s roll boys roll, rolling onward t’ward the rim
You can’t get more Canadian than good old uncle Tim

There are Timmy’s in the U.S. to compete with Krispy Kreme
One in Dublin and in London where you might just spot the Queen
There’s a Timmy’s in Afghanistan to show our troops we care
But there isn’t one in Wawa* so don’t bother stopping there (* there is one there now)

There’s a Timmy’s in Val Cartier and another in Prince George
One in Lunenburg and Brandon and Elora by the gorge
Seems there’s one on every corner in most towns across this land
But you just can’t beat a nice fresh cup of Timmy’s by the Grand (note: refers to the Grand River)


Most of us get quite impatient when there’s traffic on the road
And we’re quick to count the seconds if a file is slow to load
We might only cast a hasty glance if something needs a look
But we’ll stand in line at Timmy’s long enough to read a book

Rumour has it we’re addicted to the coffee Timmy’s serves
Seems they use a secret additive that works upon the nerves
When you start to get a craving and your face begins to twitch
Then it’s time to take a coffee break and score another fix


If you really need a pick-me-up then you can extra-large it
If you haven’t got the pocket change they’ll even let you charge it
Canadians all pride themselves in health care that is free
So we really need a Tim’s plan for our coffee and our tea

Now it could be said that Starbucks gets more flavour from their bean
And a single can of Red Bull will provide you more caffeine
But there’s more to drinking Timmy’s than the coffee that they brew
For Canadians it’s just the patriotic thing to do


Now it’s true that Tim’s was bought out by a food chain we won’t name
But the country makes no difference cause the stores are still the same
Didn’t Shatner, Reeves, and Myers make their fortunes in LA
But we still say they’re Canadians like Timmy’s is today (yes, Timmy’s is once again Canadian owned)

Now we exercise our right to Tim’s with families, teams, and chums
And three weeks a year at roll up time we exercise our thumbs
Tim’s is part of our identity, the true north strong and free
While we stand on guard for Canada we stand in line for thee


Oh you can’t get more Canadian than good old uncle Tim