Ski Vallee Bleue Shred Session


We had a bit of fun with the GoPro this weekend at Vallee Bleue. The video is 12 minutes of shakey cam skiing/telemark and snow park, personally I would get a camera man that drinks less coffee and probably fire the stunt coordinator but the 3 music tracks are pretty awesome. The kids are really making good progress and they are even taking up a little speed and adventurous spirit.

And Then It Was Winter

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From insane warm conditions on Christmas Eve  (16C) to barely freezing on Boxing Day to our first big dump of the year: 40cm in a day. It’s been one of those crazy weeks that you can either cry about or embrace with all the sporting gear you can find. For me that’s going from CX to XC in week, although with all the powder we had yesterday, I did take a day off to play with the 88mm Watea’s on Vallee Bleue while Thing One taught some private lessons. Today, JubJub and Bubba initiated me to XC Skate Skiing. I will admit that the technique was a bit RAW, legs were burning and I looked more like the ducks still in the stream than a Jack Rabbit. BUT that was wicked good fun. Bring on the snow Gaia, I have sticks for all occasions now!

If you need any gear this year, you should totally check out these awesome sports shops:

Downhill Skis: Austrian Ski Shop
5706 Monkland Avenue
Montréal, QC H4A 1E6

XC Skis and Fat Bikes: Espresso Sports
1000 Rue Saint Georges,
Sainte-Adèle, QC J8B 1J8

Road and Mountain Bikes: Martin Swiss
313 Avenue Victoria,
Westmount, QC H3Z 2N1

Anything Else go to MEC

Roving Mammoth – Slope Side Burritos


Roving Mammoth | Thrillist:

“When the thing you want most seems out of reach, you’ve got two options: give up, or find the raccoon suit and make damn sure you tap ‘A’ like a bandit while the P is flashing. Putting eats you want in places that’re hard to reach even with the Super Leaf, Roving Mammoth.”

I can’t exactly see this thing working too well in Les Laurentides or even Quebec’s Stoneham and Mont St-Anne where slope side Timmies are more common place than ski patrols. But if the smell of bio-diesel fumes doesn’t put you off your munchies, this thing should be a great hit.

(Via Laughing Squid.)