A house of iPhones! Be Careful What you Ask for.

If one goes, they all go!

There have a few comics, caricatures on the sunject of allowing backdoors to certain authorities to gain access to encrypted phones. All of them are very poignant and should be taken as seriously as possible. It’s not just about the stuff on your phone, as these devices become the standard vessel for your identity: banking, communications, locations services, and other online and offline ID’s you may have it’s critical that everyone take this seriously and realize the expectation of a certain amount of privacy and discretion is a fundamental right along with freedom of speech, the right to vote and representation. Take this time to let your local MP, Governor, Senator know that ┬áthis is very important to you. Sign the petitions, share these posts and tweets and make this a public issue.

Source: The Joy of Tech comic… A house of iPhones!