Dorset Snow HDR

We went for a walk around the neighbourhood since driving a british car on these roads with what is essentially summer slicks, would be completely insane even when you know how to drive in snow and on ice. So when I got to the top of the road, I turned to notice how cool some of these photos would look as HDR. These are the few that I took handheld. If there is still snow on the ground tomorrow and the light is good, I’m going to trying it again with a tripod and put some of @Nantel‘s advice to good practice

I must admit that I have a bit of a thing for snow covered palm trees. As much as 6 inches of snow in december is the right thing for Montreal, seeing it all over Southern England palm trees make me think that there’s either something whacky with the weather or the person who thought it would be great to plant the trees in sunny Bournemouth