We might call’em Orcas now, but they will always be KILLER Whales to me. And you’ll never catch me paddling out to stroke one’s nose or have a little swim with it.

Somethings hit you harder that you expect them too.

I especially like the way this commercial is so moving and has a genuine impact without being graphically violent.

Obviously they cleaned up the audio a bit, but the tune is simply infectious! Enjoy.

Now let’s send the Slovaks packing like we did the Ruskies!

Go Canada Go!

If like me you are a fan on the current Coke Hockey “Make sure they know who’s game they’re playing” ad that is airing during Team Canada’s run for the gold, then you’ve probably been wondering where the awesome fiddle music is from. Well, it’s actually a song from Quincy, MA’s Dropkick Murphy’s: I’m shipping up to Boston.

Am I annoyed that Coke couldn’t be bothered to ask Cape Breton’s own Ashley McIsaac? Hell Yeah!

Am I surprised they didn’t ask him? Hell No!

After hear Morgan Freeman voice the Visa commercial and insult nation after nation, no commercial form the 2010 Vancouver games will surprise me.