@Julien on: A Quick Thought About Anti-Social Douchebags

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Via In Over You Head by Julien Smith  A Quick Thought About Anti-Social Douchebags.


Since I posted this, a perfect example of Douchebagery in the wild has propped up. A fellow FatDad Stephen Hackettof ForkBombr.net has been calling out 9to5Mac.com for a while now on bad journalism and, in my own opinion, low moral standard. As a result the Head Douche at the site has been trying to bully him, even going so far as to pick up Stephen’s .com for ForkBombr and then try to hold it hostage in return for Stephen compliance or obedience. Read all about here: Forkbombr: Extortion & Jackassery http://frkbr.net/qHJgrB. Then boycott 9to5Mac.com in your RSS readers.

For The Record:

Weintraub You Are A Class A DoucheBag!