Running of the Coq and Balls

A slightly bizarre game has taken over my group of weekend riders, some of which also like to run and sometimes swim and not particularly in that order. So among these Dads, several of us use either the Garmin Forerunner 410 or our iPhones to track our rides and runs. And as of late, we have been drawing some pretty bizarre stuff with the tracks. Like the time Christopher decided that a lizard should be eating my house:


And then at seem point later thing quick went straight into the gutter as John decided to dedicated a portion of a lazy run towards marking out a todger into the side of a nearby hill.


To which Christopher replied with his own dealing sabre.


I this point I could not let these feeble attempts at obscenely geo-tagging our hood go unanswered I replied with my own pecker in the park.


However it them dawned on me that no one would ever see our masterpieces unless they were to zoom into one of our cock runs. So the only way to make sure our meta-hooliganisms got he appropriate attention of unsuspecting Strava browsers was to make the entire run a giant knob to which I proudly present:


Of course there are always be those who take it that one step too far! Jim of course wins the Internet with this magnificent Coq & Balls.


And I’m sure that some will say that none of this is anything new, as mad Englishmen were doing this kind of silliness back in the 17 century across the chalk hill of Dorchester. May I present to you: the almighty Cerne Abbas Giant


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