My buddy Jim aka Woody (far left) decided to edit one of the pics from this weekend’s century ride. Sadly this does sum up the ride nutrition and after effects pretty well. I think I now truly understand the infatuation with post ride espresso and beer.


I had made a deal with my buddy Massimo (middle) that if he didn’t score a goal in the previous n it’s game, that he had to ride 150KM with me the next day in preparation for our Ride To Conquer Cancer in a few weeks. Sure enough, he missed his penalty shot, rifling it straight towards the keeper who bundled it and that led to another penalty which Massimo did NOT get to take. But he was a real trooper throughout the ride and kept me going at times.

Johnny and Phil (not pictured) were also on the ride, which was even comical at time, like when we screamed around a bend in OKA park and came a cross this new pond.

Luckily, we all managed to stop in time before going for an unexpected swim.

Thanks for the ride guys: Rotters and Rovers. A great day out and all for an amazing cause.