On Writing With the iPad

File this under moan rather than post, and I’m sure that this will eventually turn out to be full blown post over on 2FatDads but I have really been struggling to use the iPad for quick posts to the this blog. There are too many side steps in my workflow to make quick posts easy. As easy as the Press This WordPress bookmarklet is to use in the browser the iPad WP app still isn’t very conducive to short posts with rapid app switching.

Funny enough I do spend a remarkable amount of time writing the longer 2FatDads posts on the iPad. The reality is that along with a bluetooth keyboard, I find it really good at getting me to focus on get my thoughts down and flaking out the body. Of course I will use the browser or MarsEdit to add in links, media content and proof the posts.

Kind of proves and old theory that we used a lot in radio and media, that it takes a lot more work to cut a 30 sec promo than to produce a 4 hour show.

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