800 and Counting

800 is the number of posts to I have entered into this journal of emotion hygiene (ref YLNT) that I started keeping on Tumblr and eventually moved over to one of my 2FatBlogs hosted sites when Tumblr had a lot of growing issues.

Reviewing what I’ve been posting to JohnnyLeCanuck.com over the years has become quite an amusing time capsules in memes, bad jokes, quotes, Pro-Canadianna pieces  and terrible filter heavy iPhoneography.

The Top 10 from the last 800 shows just how ecletctic my geekdom really is:

Halak Stop Sign
Octopi Wall Street
Pi vs Pie
XKCD: Physics Just Got Real
Keep Calm and Carey On
Angry Birds Physics
Angry Birds Meet Sesame Street
IE @ Work – First World Problems
AT-AT Walker Dog Costume

Here’s to 8oo more.

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