Being 3 Is Pretty Cool

Being 3 Is Pretty Cool from Johnny Canuck on Vimeo.
Les Boys play with their new Speed Racer Hot Wheels track. Music by Everclear: Speed Racer

So Les Boys are officially 3 years old and we had a blast of a weekend with an awesome party with a bouncy castle at the playgroup, all their friends and cousins and 2 cakes (of course). Two of the highlights of the weekend were the Speed Racer Hot Wheels race track featured in the video above and a real Hockey net with hockey sticks, more on that later. I will be the first to admit that this racetrack redefines the standard for all hot wheels track to follow. It has the Speed Racer Mach 6 car (we also got a second one), at least 5 loops, 4 motors and at one point the cars leave the track and appear to go into orbit before arching back in a giant funnel and starting all over again. All the boys have to do is watch out for crashes and place wayward cars back into funnel.  They love this track and, of course, so do I; putting it together with two anxious little boys around… not so much fun.

Now the hockey net was a total pleasure, I’ve been wanting to get one of these for years but wasn’t quite sure what age was the right age. I can now honestly say that 3 years old is a pretty good age to start, especially if you have some neighbours and a few siblings. I took me a little while to set it up as I hadn’t planned on having to thread the net to the posts outside, but once I found my groove it pretty simple and we all had a blast, in fact Les Boys, Moe and I must have been out there for a couple of hours.Sure we might have taken a few slap shots to the shins and I’m pretty sure Moe will have a few welts on his thighs from my wrist shot.

NOTE: Orange street hockey balls are not made for the cold weather. I need to pick up a few softer blue ones.

So Being 3 is pretty cool, the toys are awesome, the energy is all there and they understand the concept of group play and can finally speak up when their brother is really ticking them off. Less guessing for Dad and more happy play for us all. This is gonna be a great year.

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