OMG, Toronto makes space for 24 bikes

Bike parking takes over car parking spaces « Spacing Toronto: “”

Toronto bike riders can celebrate a “first” today: the City has converted two car parking spots into parking for a minimum of 16 bikes.

I hate Toronto, not just the Leafs or the Jays… I truly hate the fact that Toronto thinks it’s the center of our Great White Northern Universe. I have to agree that any efforts to improve green initiatives are good ones, but seriously: ONLY TWO parking spaces? Montreal has bike lanes, more lamp post and parking meters with special bike lock brackets. Hell we even have communal: Bixi bike à la Gay Paris and Amsterdam. Toronto set aside two fracking parking spaces for a total of 24 bikes. and all of a sudden we are supposed to forget about the G20 million dollar lake and the ensuing riots…

FUCK YOU TORONTO! You pretentious bastards.

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