Happy Day! O’Canada

My True North Strong and Free,

Happy Day O'Canada.jpg

Did you log in yesterday expecting to see read a whole slew of National Pride inspiring Canuckisms? Well, sorry about that.

You see, I actually spent the whole day without the MacBook and only using the iPhone to coordinate meet-ups with friends and family. For the record I think it should be a crime of treason to send any kind of work email on Canada’s Birthday and yet I received 4… all of which could easily have been sent today or even Monday. Trust me, there is nothing cool about boasting that you are at work on Canada Day, the inly message that is conveyed is that you are a douche with nothing better to do then remind others who are enjoying themselves of this painfully obvious fact.

Do me a favour will you, This week-end get yourself some cold Moosehead or Moslon Canadian and sit on your deck and Chill the Phoque Out.