And I will be rooting for Enger-Land Enger-Land Enger-Land



Team Canada – 1986 World Cup

Still the only team Canada has ever put together that was able to qualify for the World Cup. Which is why in Canada when the tournament comes around every four years you root for the country/countries of your heritage. Because Canada is so ethically diverse this actually makes it a lot of fun. Lots of different flags hanging from cars, people cheering in the streets when their country wins a big game and the pubs are usually filled with people having a great time.

A couple World Cup links for you:

I Scored a Goal in the FIFA World Cup Final – ESPN has put together a bunch of 3min clips telling the stories of individuals who scored important goals for their country in the finals. I love anything where they let old men relive glory days

The Globe & Mail’s World Cup Section – previews, profiles and podcasts. They’ve done a terrific job in helping me catch up.