CBC News – Nova Scotia – Let kids play road hockey: minister

“Kids should be allowed to play road hockey without being hassled by neighbours or police, Nova Scotia’s minister of transportation says.

Bill Estabrooks said Tuesday that police have better things to do than handle complaints about kids playing hockey on the street.

An RCMP officer recently broke up a street hockey game in Enfield, a small community just outside Halifax, because of complaints from neighbours

Estabrooks said children should be allowed to play.

“It’s a tradition in this country, and it should be allowed to continue.”

FINALLY a politician with the balls (no pun intended) to stand up for a Canadian tradition that’s under attack!

Just because some fucker doesn’t have enough room to drive his giant-ass SUV past a hockey net DOESN’T mean they should call the RCMP on a couple of Canadian kids playing a game that has been sewn into the fabric of our society.

And for that, we here at Fuck Yeah Canada salute Nova Scotia’s Minister of Transportation Bill Estabrooks for not being a jackass and standing up for Canadian kids everywhere.


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