Velominati on The Hail Mary Shift

Maybe, in a few years, when we are all forced into electronic shifting, a soothing voice will emanate from the lever. “Really? You want an even easier gear? You don’t have one so get your fat ass off the saddle, get in the drops before I auto-shift you into the big chainring and leave you there. And you call yourself a Cyclist.

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One the most recent reminders as to why I still read the Velominati blog. No reason to TL;DR here, there is always a payoff. Thanks Frank & Gianni

Montreal Commuting Season is Now Open


Despite the somewhat cooler than expected start (-1C @ 0600EST) the one thing that was the same as last year was the familiar sounds of the geese coming home. As I did up the velcro on my shoe covers and pulled the balaclava over my head, I noticed a large V dashing across the morning sky and headed down the road towards the Lakeshore and the Lachine Canal. The only difference this year is that I’m kicking it off on the MTB rather than the Fixie, even with 25mm tires, I just don’t trust the roads and besides my rear hub is still stuck on flop with single speed option only. I must take care of this this weekend. I put in a respectable time of 1h11 as I dodged a few ice patches and stop for the above photo half way to work. I have already beed asked on Twitter what the conditions were like so have a look below at path report. I’m positive that it will have changed enough by this afternoon but I wanted to make this available so I don;t keep sending out the same text all day. I will try and update it this afternoon after a few hours at 14C take its toll on the Path-Bergs still plaguing a few parts.

• Dorval to Locks Clear
• Locks to Dollard Bridge – Impassible – take St Patrick
• Dollard Bridge to Atwater aka bridge to bridge 99% Should be clear by this PM
• Atwater market to Wellington & Locks – Ice and Snow Patches but traversable on MTB or hybrid. Should be clear by this afternoon
• Wellington Locks to Peel Basin North is Clear except for a mud patch by the Volley Ball pitches

Generally speaking if you are commuting, this is entirely passible with short road stints in quiet neighbourhoods.

Hope this helps a few of you eager beavers out there.

The Second Phase Of The Mobile Revolution: Everything gets Connected

“It takes fewer and fewer people to do something pretty dramatic in this world. You give people the capability and you would be surprised what they come up with.”

-Qualcomm chairman Paul Jacobs

This is great piece about what the last 10 years of smartphone development has really been about: Connecting everything together