The Cancer Kicking RickShaw Dream Lives On


So one night this winter, I jokingly made a bet that if TeamKat was able to raise $50,000.00 for this year’s Ride to Conquer Cancer in support of the Jewish General Cancer Research Centre, I would make the ride on a rickshaw complete with a passenger and case of beer for them to enjoy. Well, I’m an idiot…

As of this morning, TeamKat has raised $41,423.32. A busy weekend rush has seen the team raise $3000 to take us within $8500. That means that with only 12 days to go I could see myself strapping the the red rocket to the back of one of these bad boys (see above) and spinning my ass up the Donnacona hills to la Vielle Ville.

I must admit, I am actually getting worried.  Why:

  1. It’s going to be f…ing hard
  2. I DON’T have a rickshaw… And don’t know where to get one
  3. Did I say it was going to be hard.
  4. Blair and Ted want to sit in the back….
  5. And It’s going to be fracking hard.

So if you hate Cancer as much as I do and you want to see me suffer… A LOT! Please give generously using this link.

And as I’m being such an idiot, I might as well go one more:

  1. For $5000 you get to ride the whole way beer & sandwich’s included (Trevor you just volunteered to make the Dagwoods)
  2. For $1000 You get to ride for one stage and slap your corporate logo on the rickshaw
  3. For $500 You get to slap your corporate logo on the rickshaw
  4. For $250 You just get slapped with a Dagwoods sub.




Sailing on Suds Explained


So with the mast up, sails rigged, and toilet in full flush mode we are ready for another season of twilight racing. I’m always looking for extra crew, no experience needed as long as you respect the above “infographic”.

Here’s to cheap tinnies, salty snacks and the occasional dip at the sand bar.

This showed up in a club email this morning, so if this is yours or you know where it’s from, let me know.

Commute Day ONE: Scouting Report

Today marked the official beginning of this year’s route to 100 commuting days. Despite the picture above, it was a very good ride in albeit a little cooler than I usually prefer. Top layer included: Merino wool base layer, cycling jersey and nylon cycling jacket. Bottom layer included: Cycle shorts, Merino wool XC Ski socks, and MEC Mercury tights. Extremities covered by XC ski gloves, tight skull-cap and GORE shoe covers. As I always say, there is no bad weather just bad clothing.

As with every year, I like to put out a Post Easter Lachine Bike Path scouting report. So here goes:

  1. Lakeshore to 55th Ave in Lachine: All clear although a little sand / gravel at places.
  2. 55th to Fur Trade Museum: All clear, some wet / icy patches that are easily passable.
  3. Fur Trade to Info Centre bridges: Large snow accumulation, must be walked across for anything narrower than 32mm tires.
  4. First Ave to Dollard Bridge: The initial path is a mess but clears up nicely after the public toilet, mini soccer fields. Dollard bridge is wet / icy but passible.
  5. Bridge to Bridge Sections: Some snow accumulation in the shaded first section and the rest is clear but as has  large amount of twigs covering the path. Should be fine for 25mm and wider tires.
  6. St-Gabriel Lock to Atwater market: Very clear and mostly dry.
  7. Atwater Market to Wellington: Some snow accumulation on the south side paths and in the underpasses. easily passable.
  8. Wellington to Peel: The North side path is still closed due to construction of the new condos. I made my way to Notre Dame and then up Peel at my earliest convenience. The City and Federal Parks commission needs to sort out this section ASAP as there are many new condos going up and cycling in this area in simply not safe.

So there you go, there is a rain forecast for the next two days and a warm weekend that should wash away and clear up whatever is left over. I therefore declare the commuting season open!