And We’re Back!

So I’ve moved the site away from Tumblr and on to my WordPress multisite install. I simply could understand why I was using Tumblr so much trying to act the way I wanted when I already had good hosting and rich environment in WordPress.

It’s still not quite what I want it to be but at least it’s up and the only person I have to blame about it going down again is myself. I do feel bad that I am leaving the Tumblr community, however the last few months stats have been so poor I not sure how much it will miss us. It’s now up to me to start putting some good stuff up here.

What I Talk About When I Talk About Trains

What I Talk About When I Talk About Trains « in over your head:

“Most people’s careers are like railroads. Choosing a track is the hard part, but from then on, the next step forward is a very easy thing to do. All of this remains true until you have to change tracks. Then, suddenly, we have no clue what we’re supposed to be doing or how we’d start.”

I never pegged @Julien as a trainspotter with an anorak but his analogy is almost mind blowing. From a personal point of view the idea of changing tracks with the cargo I’m carrying: 4 kids, mortgage, social commitments and geek/tech addiction can seem like an impossible logistic nightmare reminiscent of those super long cargo trains I would see from the overpass on my way to the pool as a kid and try to count all the wagons without being too late for my lessons. Changing tracks back then seemed like a much easier thing even if life was moving at Via rail speeds. Sure the Cargo Train lifestyle most of us are living is a little harder to steer onto a new course, but like the train itself, the caboose will follow the engine and fall inline. It’s when you try to let the caboose steer your path that it get’s all complicated. Just remember to be the engine, be aware of your cargo and changing tracks could be really exciting. The worst that could happen is that you have to push the engine along for a bit while you back track and get to that junction. Or stay the course through the tough patches eventually another junction box will pop up.

A big thanks to Julien for getting my brain to engage on a Monday morning.

Travel Gear: Somewhat Obscure Travel Essentials

Someone’s been looking through my bag!

Travel Gear: Somewhat Obscure Travel Essentials | MEC blog:

“As most travel aficionados know, fall is always a good time to take a trip. Flights are cheap, crowds are thin, and the weather is still nice and balmy.

If you’ve already planned a trip or hope to take advantage of last minute deals, here are my somewhat obscure travel essentials I recommend you take with:


It’s my saving grace for nights when I can’t sleep, but everyone else can. It’s my partner in crime for late night rendezvous and top secret foreign missions. Other than my journal and my camera, this little head lantern is my favourite travel companion. Don’t leave home without it.

Wine Bottle Opener

I tragically forget to throw one in my pack on a recent surf/sightseeing getaway to Hawaii. On more than one occasion throughout my trip, a situation came up where an opener was needed and I cursed the stars for my packing ineptitude. Bring a good wine bottle opener along for the ride – it can make/break your night (or mid-afternoon, depending on how you like to spend your vacation).

Duct Tape

Duct tape is a hero. For every problem – ripped pack, holey shoes, sketchy South American hostel bed with bits falling off – duct tape shows up and saves the day.

Boy Scouts have nothing on me.”

(Via The MEC Blog.)

Headphones Required: Just Download It Already!


So Laurent Lasalle: Web Designer, Podcaster, PodCamp Montreal and overall “grognon” has resurrected his Headphones Required new music podcast. This time it’s English only and is very heavily focussed on music. Why should you listen? Apart from the fact that I said it’s good stuff and that should be enough in itself. John in the studio.jpegWell imagine a young John Peel with a french canadian accent reminiscent of Claude Rajotte in the early CHOM hey days but without all the heavy musical diatribes and superiority complex. Like Peel, Laurent uses a laid back presentation style letting the music speak for itself, letting you decide whether or not its good stuff or complete tosh with 80 to 112 beats per minute. Like Claude Rajotte, Laurent is a Montrealer who talks about Montreal stuff and some tech stuff too even though the music he plays is pretty much from anywhere he’s recently travelled to what he heard at Café Laïka that week. A nice eclectic mix of rock/indie/electro/pop (not electro-pop! Electro and Pop).

It’s worth a listen and you might even find something new to add to you weekly download list. One thing I should mention though is that you should not listen to Mes Paroles s’Envolent and Headphones Required back to back since some to the music is in both, it’s all good stuff but you get this wierd “Déjà Voodoo” Feeling