In my office, when you don’t lock your PC, you buy Timmies for the team! frak!

In my office, when you don’t lock your PC, you but Timmies for the team! frak! from Instagram, taken on September 14, 2011 at 07:13AM :

So if you leave your desk and forget to hit WINDOWS+L then anyone has the right to send out a group email and order a dozen donuts on your behalf. Basically you only screw this up once… a year.

Better a Bad Surfing…

Better a Bad Surfing…, a photo by JohnnyLeCanuck on Flickr.

Than a good day at School.

Les Boys got these cool shirts in the UK from FatFace: A motto that we pretty much lived by for two weeks even though I’m convinced my two and half year olds now understand the SIN and COS of wave forms better than I do. One thing is for sure is that they are all total beach bums.

23 Toots of Epic Mann

23 Toots.png

This PSA was epic! And I’m so glad that someone like Merlin Mann did it so plenty of Tweeps will see it. Of course there is no way to retweet a group of 23 tweets so anyone who isn’t already following Merlin will never see it, but hopefully enough folks like me will post this into an _Actual Blog_ that is will make a difference

If your are not already following Merlin mann you totally should that right now as well as check and Kung Fu Grippe and while I feel quite generous and trying to fill extra space don’t forget to subscribe to You Look Nice Today in iTunes.

Damn I failed to fill the void…

… It has been that kind of week though